What are CommunityProfit Service Fees?

To help operate the CommunityProfit Platform, we charge various service fees.

Fees related to Expert Services

Community Expert Service Fees

We charge Experts who offer consultations, services or experiences a 20% service fee. The amount of the Community Expert service fee is calculated from the price that the Consumer pays for their consultation, service or experience. The Community Expert service fee is automatically deducted from the payout to the Community Expert.

Community Experts who participate in nonprofit partnerships to offer consultations, services or experiences have their Community Expert service fee waived for all bookings.

The amount of service fees charged by booking are made available to Community Experts during the monthly settlement process.

 Consumer service fees

We currently do not charge a consumer service fee for booking experiences.

VAT charges on service fees

Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved, VAT may be charged on top of the Community Expert and Consumer service fees. The service fee will include these VAT charges when applicable.

In areas where we’re required to collect VAT, we’ll combine the service fee and VAT amounts on the checkout page, so the service fee may appear to be greater than the service fee percentage.

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