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A strong case could be made that of all the technological newcomers since the dawn of the Internet, nothing has impacted our children’s landscape more than social media. For it is within the countless and ever increasing social media networks that so much of our children’s interpersonal interactions occur. This can be a good thing, as our kids can use social media to connect easily with others and thus deepen relationships. They can keep in touch with relatives in all corners of the world. They can experience great joy and fun with so many of the creative outlets found in many social media apps.

But there’s also a more concerning side to this relatively new cultural phenomenon. Our kids are experiencing the pain of seeing pictures of everyone having a blast at the party they weren’t invited to. They can be subject to ridicule and bullying from anonymous peers, and have disparaging rumors spread like wildfire. And of course, kids are getting hooked on chasing the almighty “Like,” unknowingly fusing their self-worth with the pursuit of public validation.

This section will support your desire to be well-informed about social media trends and risks. It will also offer sound advice for guiding your children toward a healthy relationship with social media.

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