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How many times have we said in exasperation, “S/he is addicted to that (phone, iPod, iPad, TV, video game, etc.)!” It’s a phrase that is often used loosely to describe a person who seems obsessed with a device or game and is unable to break away from it. But are there times when a literal interpretation of that phrase is accurate? The short answer is “yes,” and this section will provide you with information about what specifically constitutes addiction within the tech world in all its various forms. It also explains what parents can do when they are concerned that their child’s relationship with a tech device or platform is becoming or has become addictive. Read on to find these answers and many others.

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TIME: We Need to Talk About Kids and Smartphones

We Need to Talk About Kids and Smartphones TIMEAs experts debate the role smartphones play in adolescent mental health, teen depression and suicide rates continue to climb Read the full story Shared from Apple...

Is technology scrambling my baby’s brain?

This dad’s tales from the trenches and assoicated journey toward clarity regarding how to conceptualize his infant’s relationship with technology will resonate with many parents of young children. This is a very well-balanced, thought-provoking piece that would be a great for parents to discuss together.

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