Lactation Consulting

We are certified breastfeeding experts that have been where you are today.  We are compassionate problem solvers.  We are available when you need us – by phone, video, chat or (if anywhere near our offices), in person.

In-Home Consultation

The idea of breastfeeding can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety.

Located in or around Los Angeles, CA?  Let one of our experts come to you.


Rather speak with a specialist today?  Click here and let’s get you scheduled for a confidential phone or video chat.

Answers for Moms

The latest research on breastfeeding selected by our experts (coming soon!).  

Breastfeeding Complications

Sore or damaged nipples? poor latch? low or over supply? feeding twins? breast surgery?

Coping and Support

If you’re having trouble coping with breastfeeding, talk with us. The sooner you reach out, the sooner you’ll be fully equipped to enjoy your new baby.

Postpartum Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of baby blues and depression after childbirth vary, and they can range from mild to severe.

The Modern Parent Project + Lactation Consulting Story


Our Mission

We believe in providing professional and compassionate breastfeeding assistance, designed to ease the transition to new parenthood, by phone or in person.   And we believe in education and evidenced-based care regarding the normal course of human infant feeding and newborn behavior.

Our Modern Parent Project community has sought out lactation consultants that can help you with: sore or damaged nipples, poor latch, how to increase low supply or manage oversupply,  how to effectively feed a sleepy infant,  strategies to improve poor infant weight gain, pre-term infant feeding strategies, feeding twins/multiples, breastfeeding after previous breast surgeries,  insufficient glandular tissue (IGT),  breast, bottle, supplemental nursing systems or cup feeding, exclusive pumping and feeding, safe preparation of formula, prenatal breast assessment and consultation.

We are IBCLC certified.

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