Hard-Hitting Nature Valley Ad Shows The Terrifying Side Of Kids Addicted To Technology


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Nature Valley Canada recently sat down three generations of families and asked them one simple question, “What did you like to do for fun as a kid?” Take a moment to see how they responded, then grab your kids and go rediscover the joy of nature.

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What to Do?

Direct, straightforward and summarized advice and recommendations.  Parents, please consider the following insights when navigating the challenging topic of kids and technology.


What NOT to Do?

The wrong words or actions can sometimes make things worse with kids.  Parents, please consider avoiding the following potential traps.

Watch this video with your kids and see what they think – it could be a great conversation starter as long as it’s positioned from a place of interest, not shame
Make an effort to help your kids connect with nature sometime in the next month
Make an effort to engage your kids with fun family activities that don’t involve tech. Board games, card games, hide and seek,etc. may be old school, but if you’re involved, your kids will have a blast
Don't allow your child to watch YouTube unsupervised

There is no end to what your kids may discover on the Internet if left unattended.  YouTube Channels and other online content can be fantastic, but should not be viewed as a babysitter.

Don’t forget how much kids are naturally drawn to outdoor activities. And you don’t have to go on a 6 mile hike through dense foliage – whether planting flowers, walking in the snow or even a walk around your neighborhood- it all counts!
Don’t be detered if your kids complain when redirected outside – they usually find something enjoyable to do

Hard-Hitting Nature Valley Ad Shows The Terrifying Side Of Kids Addicted To Technology

Powerful Video Shows Tech-Driven Generational Differences

By NatureValleyCanada (link)


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