Monitoring Kids & Technology | Consultation

$100 30 minutes

It’s never been harder to be a parent than it is today. Our children have never been more vulnerable than they are today.

If you agree with these statements, you have plenty of company. Most parents feel like they are struggling to keep up with the rapidly shifting landscape regarding their children’s sexuality, technology, and peer relationships. The times have certainly changed, and so has parenting. In 21st century modern parenting, the game moves much faster than it did in previous generations, so much so that we can easily feel over-matched. That’s why we initiated the Modern Parent Project, a consolidated powerhouse of experts in the areas where parents most need expert perspectives or strategies.

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Why bring together experts to help parents?

Times have changed.  So has parenting.  Spend 30 minutes talking with one of our community’s experts.  Consultations are confidential and available by phone or video chat.  You choose.


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