Consultation with Ms. Jenn Leonard

$100 30 minutes

Need a New Mother Roadmap?

Birth, Babies, Bosoms, and Beyond.  Times have changed.  So has mothering.

Spend 30 minutes talking with one of our community’s experts.  Consultations are confidential and available by phone or video chat.  You choose.



Who doesn’t need a new mothering roadmap?

Ms. Jenn Leonard is you hand-holding, nerve calming, hip squeezing Sherpa during pregnancy birth and parenting.

At 19, Jenn’s first son was born, and it was only then that she realized she had no idea what she was doing. WHY had she never babysat an infant before?  Over the next five and a half years Jenn began researching. During the pregnancy and birth of her second son, friends and family began to ask her for advice about what she had learned. The year was 2002, and a passion was ignited.  It took another 9 years, another son, and a move from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, to the incomparable mountains of Colorado before she would make it official, but in her heart, Jenn was a doula.  Fall of 2011 brought her to her very first birth doula and childbirth educator trainings.


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