MPP Experts | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Modern Parent Project (MPP) Vision?
  • Connecting Parents with Parenting Experts
Why do parents connect to MPP?
  • MPP provides direct access to parenting experts and free access to relevant research
  • MPP respects anonymity
How do MPP expert contributors get paid for their consultations with parents?
  • MPP requires payment from parents prior to scheduling a consultation
  • Payments are released to MPP experts at least monthly
  • Detailed Settlement statements are provided
What are the benefits for MPP expert contributors?
  • An opportunity to strengthen families
  • MPP enables you to extend your reach (no more geographic boundaries)
  • Showcase you, your accomplishments and your contributions
  • Paid consultations with parents in need
  • Flexibility.  Consult as much as you would like, whenever you would like, utilizing MPP’s secure phone and video conferencing capabilities
What does the MPP platform provide our expert contributors?
  • Creating and consolidating demand for expert services
  • Seamless consultation scheduling, transactions, payments and reporting
  • Providing a secure communication network for voice and video
  • Risk management. Security, platform availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy and compliance
  • Leveraging data science to drive continued customer engagement
I am signed up. What is next?
  • Contribute. Suggest and review articles and publications
  • Consult. Expert consultation – get paid a standard rate for managing MPP referrals
  • Develop. Manage parent relationships – get paid your rate for ongoing consultations
How much does being an MPP expert contributor cost?
  • Free. No initial or ongoing fees
What are the Fees?
  • To help operate the Modern Parent Project, we charge Experts who offer consultations, services or experiences a 20% service fee
  • We currently do not charge a consumer service fee for booking appointments with Experts
  • Our Service Fees are described in more detail here
How can I become an MPP Expert Contributor?
  • Click “Apply” under the MPP Experts button on top of this page
Is there a Referral Program for MPP Experts?
  • Yes. The CommunityProfit Expert Referral program permits select, invited CommunityProfit Experts to earn money by referring to CommunityProfit first time, new Experts (“Referred Experts”) who upload Content, provide Consultations and successfully complete bookings
  • Details of the Expert Referral Program, including the economics, can be found here
Does my state license allow me to offer psychotherapy via phone or video conference?
  • This is not psychotherapy
  • There is no therapeutic relationship
  • This is expert advice, like the Dr. Phil show
What safeguards do I have?
How does MPP generate demand from parents?
  • MPP is positioned to leverage national media channels through pre-existing relationships
  • MPP leverages technology, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), paid mass-micro targeting strategies and high value organic search content
Nuts and Bolts. How Do I...?
  • Visit the CommunityProfit Academy for all the training you will need to learn how to Connect Communities with Experts through the MPP branded CommunityProfit Digital Community Platform
  • Not seeing what you are looking for?  Send us an email


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